Time Based Pricing

The biggest advantage of time-based model is flexibility. You don't have to make all decisions at stage zero of the project. An overall guideline of the scope, success criteria, functionality is established at the project planning stage but the client can maneuver these priorities as they respond to the market conditions and changes. This is a critical advantage for any project that goes on for a significant length of time. In the ERP industry, often clients don't know how they can leverage the ERP system when they start the project; the flexibility of time based pricing allows for greater efficiencies in the project.

Value Based/Fixed Pricing

The biggest advantage of this model is Visibility and Assurance. The scope is fixed in all its detail and deliverability; clients know exactly what they will get as the final solution when the initial planning phase ends. This is specially useful for companies that are relatively stable in their processes and market demands.

1. project based pricing
2. Head count based pricing
Head count = Price

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